Who are we?

Who are we?
Established in 2012, AT-Autism was founded to connect people and organisations with professionals with acknowledged expertise in autism. We are a hugely experienced, international, diverse, and multi-disciplinary team, operating as a non-profit network.

What do we do?
We aim to promote wellbeing through evidence-based practice and an ethos of co-design and co-production, central to our work across all communities.
We are concerned with all aspects of autism, including training about autism, events, assessment and diagnosis, evaluation and design of programmes and services, mentoring and bespoke programmes of support.

Why do we do it?
The nature of autism is often misunderstood, which can undermine the possibility of autistic people flourishing, lead to reduced opportunities, or significant harm. We want to be part of a positive change.

How do we work?
We believe change comes through open, respectful, and honest relationships, and sustained, friendly, engagement. We are told that as our work is co-produced it enjoys authenticity and credibility.
Acceptance, empathy, reflection, and listening are at the heart of what we do.

Where do we work?
We work across the UK and internationally, with all communities, individuals and families, charities and local services, academic institutions, government, and other agencies.

AT-Autism Board
June 2022

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