About us

AT-Autism came together because of a desire to deliver the best autism training and consultancy to partners in the UK and internationally. Our Directors and Associates have worked extensively in the autism and related fields, across a variety of contexts and within the public and charitable sectors.

We believe that to provide the best opportunities for individuals and families, training and support should only be given by highly experienced professionals. We also recognise that no one person will be able to provide the range and breadth of what is required. Therefore all of our work is carried out by an expert in the respective area identified and is overseen by an AT-Autism Director. When designing programmes for individuals and organisations we are led by the need to personalise the approach and by current evidence. Our experience means that we can respond swiftly and work in partnership with you to design workable and lasting solutions.

As a team we are experienced in working with partners where the cultural context means we have to make adjustments to the content and delivery of training. We enjoy working alongside our partners to develop measurable improvements in practice and wellbeing of people. Our collective experience is primarily in autism but our Directors and Associates are able to provide support in terms of neurodevelopmental conditions, mental health and behaviours that challenge. We also look to work with organisations in crisis or those wishing to devise and implement strategies for change.

Please get in touch if you would like to find out more about our services