Autism Consultancy

AT-Autism can provide consultancy to you or your organisation in a variety of ways. This may include:

Organisational Support

Your organisation may be going through a time of transition, for example with senior staff moving on, and you need to maintain stability through that period. It may be that your people require mentoring so that they can gain new skills; or you may want help in terms of enhancing your current strategy. AT-Autism can provide advice, managerial support and strategic guidance to strengthen your organisation or to help you move in a new direction.

Advice on service design and delivery

It is possible that you are facing challenges in terms of your current services, whether that is in education, health, social care or other settings (e.g. the prison service). We can also be of help to Service Commissioners in helping to specify or evaluate a particular programme.  We are also able to offer advice on customising and environment to be more inclusive and suited to the needs of autistic children or adults.  We can advise on inclusive spaces from the design stage of the project. AT-Autism is happy to discuss with you your requirements or aspirations in terms of enhancing service delivery.

Individual work, assessments, support and legal matters

You may need advice and practical support with an individual child or adult.  Typically this will be someone deemed hard to place.  We are able to advise on individual placements including personalised support packages.  This may be for someone currently in hospital or about to leave residential school or at risk of exclusion.We also undertake work in connection with the criminal justice system, other legal assessments and offer diagnostic and post diagnostic services.

Please get in touch if you would like to find out more about our services