Forthcoming conference

Rough Justice? How is the justice system serving autistic people?

London – 13 December, 2018

Conferences and Seminars

AT-Autism Directors have extensive experience running conferences and seminars both in the UK and overseas. In addition, AT-Autism has been running seminars since it was established and these have been popular and well received.

Examples of AT-Autism seminars include:

  • Cyber safety and cyber crime in autism
  • Mindfulness and autism
  • Autism in women and girls
  • Offending and autism
  • Autism in schools
  • Challenging behaviours
  • Mental health and autism
  • Stress and autism

CPD Certification

As members of the CPD Certification Service, many of our courses, workshops, seminars and presentations qualify for CPD points. CPD points are allocated on a self-assessment basis and may not be appropriate for all disciplines/professions so please discuss with a member of the AT-Autism team prior to registering. The CPD certification service advises that it is ultimately the individual’s responsibility to evaluate the learning benefit achieved by participating in the training and to allocate points according to the CPD recording procedure of his/her professional body or organisation.

Rather than simply offering answers, AT-Autism training is an empowering approach that stimulates the formulation of practical and ethical solutions. By facilitating the thinking process, providers will be more likely to come up with individualised plans of action rather than applying second hand advice across the board.

Katerina Laskaridou - Training course participant

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"The feedback we have received following Richards training and seminars has been amazing. People have asked when he will be returning as they would like more of this very practical but evidence based information. Richard is very easy to work with and understands his audience. Can’t recommend this training highly enough."

Sharon Paley: Director Clinical Innovation and Governance, Government of Queensland, Australia 

"Fantastically helpful. A really useful workshop, much to collectively follow up on, thank you
Great to hear feedback from academic studies. Excellent day, very informative. Great plans and ideas that can be taken forward."

Feedback: States of Guernsey workshop

"Synergy works because it looks to create the optimum physical, sensory, communication and social environment for the child rather than focusing solely on changing the child’s behaviour."  

Laskaridis Foundation, Greece.

  "The participants spoke very highly of the workshop and I enjoyed myself immensely. It is a really interesting, sustainable and empowering concept. The presentation was super, one never knows enough! Thank you Richard and Michael"  

Dr Rita Micalef, Inspire Foundation, Government of Malta and University of Malta.

"Richard was a very generous and excellent presenter who provided a very good and broad overview of autism and interventions. He was happy to share and discuss his wealth of knowledge, experience, and values base; and was responsive to the various needs and interests of the audience. Richard provided an excellent reminder of the use of strengths and sound clinical judgement in being appropriate and effective in our work with people with autism."

Murray Rieck: Senior Clinician, Clinical Innovation and Governance, Government of Queensland, Australia

"Within 6 months of working with AT-Autism we had taken a fresh look at our operations, had appointed a new CEO, had achieved financial stability and our operational activity had returned to surplus."
Autism Jersey

    "I am not only indebted to the AT-Autism team for the skills and knowledge they taught us but for their profoundly humane and supportive approach."

Katerina Laskaridou

    "If you want the right experts in autism then go to AT-Autism. Efficient, knowledgeable and professional’"

Kaim Todner Solicitors