Conferences and Seminars

AT-Autism Directors have extensive experience running conferences and seminars both in the UK and overseas. In addition, AT-Autism has been running seminars since it was established and these have been popular and well received.

Examples of AT-Autism seminars include:

  • Cyber safety and cyber crime in autism
  • Mindfulness and autism
  • Autism in women and girls
  • Offending and autism
  • Autism in schools
  • Challenging behaviours
  • Mental health and autism
  • Stress and autism

CPD Certification

As members of the CPD Certification Service, many of our courses, workshops, seminars and presentations qualify for CPD points. CPD points are allocated on a self-assessment basis and may not be appropriate for all disciplines/professions so please discuss with a member of the AT-Autism team prior to registering. The CPD certification service advises that it is ultimately the individual’s responsibility to evaluate the learning benefit achieved by participating in the training and to allocate points according to the CPD recording procedure of his/her professional body or organisation.

Rather than simply offering answers, AT-Autism training is an empowering approach that stimulates the formulation of practical and ethical solutions. By facilitating the thinking process, providers will be more likely to come up with individualised plans of action rather than applying second hand advice across the board.

Katerina Laskaridou - Training course participant