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AT-Autism is pleased to support autism and related research and to advertise high quality postgraduate studies where appropriate at no cost.  We need a 150 word lay summary to serve as an advertisement for participants plus confirmation of ethical approval. Latest projects here…. 

Postgraduate research, University of East Anglia

We are conducting a study on autistic adults, which aims to examine how autistic individuals are perceived by others, and how the rated social behaviours of autistic people relate to their self-reported social skills and gender. We are seeking both autistic and non-autistic people, under the age of 40, to take part in the study at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge throughout July and August. Participants will be recorded on a GoPro having a short conversation with a research assistant, following this they will be asked to fill in several questionnaires. We will be taking thin slices of these recorded video clips to show a second group of participants, who will be asked to rate them on several different social scales (personal information/the identity of the videoed participants will be protected). Participants will be compensated £7 for up to one hour of their time, plus reasonable travel expenses. Contact:

Postgraduate research, University of Birmingham

Project title: Providing quality support for adults on the autistic spectrum – views and insights from autistic autism professionals

This is a qualitative study which will examine the views of autistic professionals who work in the field of autism. This includes areas such as autism research, autism services and any other professions which involve working directly with autistic individuals and/or using your expertise of autism spectrum conditions.

There are very few academic studies which specifically explore the perspectives of autistic individuals and at this stage, autistic autism professionals are a minority in the field of autism. This study is an important piece of research as it will contribute to the body of research and information which will help to improve the support available for adults on the autistic spectrum.

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